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Overland shipping

Land transport (FTL and LTL shipmets) is operated through Cuttica companies owning trucks and using equipped infrastructures, such as handling terminals and temporary warehousing, which are also shared with a number of qualified road hauliage operators, partner in the business.

Full load shipments are operated, by means of trucks and intermodality, over all the domestic connections and some european ones: France, Spain, Germany and U.K.. Two truck drivers are on board during long distance trips, in order to keep the journey continuity from loading to delivery place, and all the trucks are equipped with a control system which is based on the mobile technology.
Land groupage is a new business area, which Cuttica is nowadays implementing:

- because of an organization choice, aimed to complete the industrial asset of the overland department;
- because of a strategic choice, aimed to the full satisfaction of market needs;
- because of a professional commitment Cuttica took over with some of its main customers, when decided to manage –directly and on their behalf- some very specific projects.Now Cuttica is operating through a distribution network covering Italy-North West.
Such a network has been built and is tailored for “food – not perishable” deliveries, directed to big commercial chains specifically.

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