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Who we are: Cuttica

Cuttica , now leading operator in international shipping, dates all the way back to 1862, when Cuttica’s forbears founded Vincenzo Talice company acting in Genoa in import-export trade, board-supply and shipping business.
In the year 1935 the name Cuttica toke the place of Talice at the moment of the last ancestor’s retiring.

Since then, four generations following one another in many years, have led the company, consolidating and enforcing
not only the family’s trade mark but especially the business structure, expanding reliable and strategic partnerships
and acquiring or founding side-companies.

The last market and logistic progress together with new data methods, blended with the ancient dowers of laboriousness and enthusiasm, promoted the business development towards new fields too, keeping unchanged the traditional attention to any detail for the best customers’ satisfaction.
These business targets are supported thanks to the experience of Gianni and Andrea Cuttica but also through the high quality of the management team, integrated with new resources bringing a good kwow-how in international mercantile relationships.

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