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Air shipping

Air forwarding (general e project cargo) is the main Cuttica investment target.
The air department organization has being re-enforced by the intervention of new operative structures and technical systems. As air transport is a modal segment where “time” is the first “key factor”, the department organization and the management system must be aimed to a continuos improvement of performances.

This is the main Cuttica goal and commitment. Fully integrated with the other modal services, air shipping is developed in co-operation with all the Cuttica network, foreign companies and agents, aiming to the greatest exploitation of each single operative structure, either as a business unit and as a node of a sole multimodal process.

Such a process is monitorated from origin to destination continuously and is guaranteed by the strong commitment of each operator. Services are available for all the kinds of goods (general, dangerous, perishable and project cargos).

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